Trust, but Verify

There is a saying that’s been on my mind lately:  “Trust . . .  but verify.”

It’s not a unique saying.  I’m sure most who are involved in business have either heard it, said it, or both.  But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I see two parts to this saying, and both parts are vital.

Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

One of the most interesting things we do each year is host leadership students from our local high school (Auburndale High School – Go Bloodhounds!) and give them a glimpse of what we do here at Adams Cold Storage and the role we play in how their food goes from the farm to their table.  We actually have one of those students working for us this summer, earning money for college – that’s another thing we like to do as often as possible, but that’s a story for another column!

We take them into our state -of-the art, 7.1-million-cubic-foot freezer Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News