Accommodation Builds Trust and Loyalty

If you look up “cold storage news” on the Internet, you’ll find plenty of articles about an industry growing on the backs of big-box companies and venture capitalists that are consolidating and growing and pushing the industry forward.

It’s good business.  Their size and strength . . . . Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News

Finally, it is with a sad heart that we at ACS note the passing of our Executive Vice President, Bruce Bachman.  Bruce had been a longtime friend to me and my family since 1980 and here at Adams Cold Storage since it began in 2010.  A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Bruce was a builder, a leader and his fingerprints are all over our company.  He was directly involved in the management of our 250,000 square foot facility, helping ACS achieve and maintain the highest standards in the industry.  He left a lasting legacy for his family, his community, and this company that will be felt for decades to come.

Performance During Crisis

In late February, Adams Cold Storage underwent the annual BRC Global Standards Audit.  Once the technical review is completed, we anticipate our fifth consecutive AA rating.  Regardless of our score, this year’s audit results will be one of the most significant in our past 10-year history.

Consider what the past 12 months has thrown at us – Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News

Finding Comfort in the Familiar Cycles of Florida Life

Have you noticed that the daily blinding downpour is back?  The kind of rain that comes out of nowhere, then 10 minutes later, it’s gone.  It’s the time of year when you walk outside and feel like you’ve entered the sauna; where all the weather reports included the words “feels-like temperature”.

Isn’t it great?  There is a certain comfort in noticing Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News